Welcome to my homepage. I'm a software developer, engi-nerd, and a recent graduate in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. I've worked on a wide range of computational projects across a number of subject areas: robotics, bioinformatics, computer security, networking, deep learning, and computer systems. Engineering projects define my life, and fill much of my waking attention. I've founded and led two robotics teams, built a SLAM system for autonomous driving, worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant for a Data Structures and Algorithms course, created genome analysis toolkits, and have contributed code to high-performance routers. I'm also passionate about open-source and often flit around the internet contributing to open-source projects. Recently, I found and reported a buffer overrun in an in-tree Linux kernel driver and added zsh auto complete support to the popular argcomplete module for Python.

I'm a privacy enthusiast and go by my first name, Alex, or my legacy online handle, flu0r1ne.


- Alex < flu0r1ne [at] flu0r1ne.net >